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    The Safety Commitment
    Customer Service from Sinoboom Australia 
    Technical Service and Support 
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    Manuasl and Parts

The Safety Commitment

Sinoboom Australia regards safety as critical feature for the survival and growth. Our R&D core value and the daily operation rule is SAFETY, without any tolerance on any defects leads to safety problem.

In parallel, our machines are CE certificated, and AS certificated by 3rd parties, to ensure strict standard compliance in European area and Oceania, starting from R&D phase, manufacturing process, then to testing and inspection before delivery.


Customer Service from Sinoboom Australia

Sinoboom Australia hereby sincerely committed to provide after sales service.

Upon the Sinoboom machines arrival at the customers’ site, Sinoboom Australia will send professional engineers to work together with customer staff for the pre-delivery inspections, as per the commercial conditions.

Sinoboom Australia will provide a free 12-months warranty package. In this period, if any failure caused by design or manufacturing process, Sinoboom Australia will immediately make responses for the problem-shooting solutions, for the labor cost and the parts during the warranty period.

If the buyer asks for the service & maintenance resulting from the machine failures out of warrantee,Acecn still offer life-long maintenance, spare parts supply and technical support services with paid service.


Technical Service and Support

Sinoboom Australia is always with you, when you need any assistance with your Sinoboom machines.
Our technical service and support team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to make sure you can reach us when you need to keep your machines working.

We committed the response hours not higher than 12 hours for areas with dealers, and 24 hours for areas without dealers.

Please reach us directly at:
Tel:        +61 0467 049 430



Depending on customer case and negociated commercial conditions,  you’ll find fundamental training course for your technical or service staff on your machines as below, which can be provided in Sinoboom Australia side, or customer side:
   - Machine operations
   - Machine maintainence
   - Electrical loops courses
   - Hydraulic loops courses 
   - Trouble shooting skills
   - Other customized training course which may be raised up by you
Please remember to cover this issue when you are talking with our sales team. Thank you.

Manuals and Parts 

Sinoboom Australia provides Operational Manuals, Maintainance Manuals and parts Manuals together with the machines, electrical copies will normally not be given only when needed and requested.

Consumable parts are sent together with the machines as well.

For parts to ensure less down time for the machines, please contact our service dept. to check where is the easiest way for you to get the parts out of below options:
   - Local distributor
   - Local service dealer
   - Nearby distributor or service dealer
   - Sinoboom Australia 

You can reach our service Dept. 
Tel:      +61 0467 049 430
to ask for direct technical support for instant problem shooting.

Make your equipment supplier the solution, not the problem!

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